Better receivables recovery plus positive, long-term
relationships with your students

Our approach to the higher education segment, a proven combination of industry best practices, advanced technology and 40 years of experience. MLR managment team, having worked with over 250 educational institutions throughout their careers--- ensures better receivables recovery while maintaining  positive, productive relationships.

We strive to build relationships with your students, and having built trust --- rather than harassing and annoying them till they avoid us --- they work with us to find a way to pay.  We also work diligently to ensure prompt reimbursements from parents and third party payers.

We believe that it is especially critical to this segment that we earn their trust and respect, and that professional integrity is not only the best collection business strategy, it also protects you against litigation, and maintains your reputation as an ethical, moral partner.

Higher education-specific experience

We have extensive experience with recovering delinquent balances that originate from student loans as well as campus-based accounts and student fees.

Higher education-specific focus:

  • Tuition Recovery Services
  • Federal Perkins, Institutional and Nursing Loans
  • Recovery of Fees, Fines and Charges unique to the higher education marketplace

Client Benefits
  • Virtual Agent (Bi-Lingual)
  • Red Flag and Gramm Leach Bliliey Act Compliant
  • Up to date FDCPA collector training
  • FDCPA Compliant Collection Letters
  • Flexible data transfer
  • Online skip tracing
  • Accepting payments through credit cards, ACH and on-line
  • Complete Reporting of all transactions
  • Voice Broadcasting Technology
  • Credit Reporting